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Village feast, sagre and events on the Amalfi Coast

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Sagra denotes a local fair, usually a celebration of the bounties of the earth-meaning food, as in a preparation or a raw ingredient. The sagra may feature musical bands and perhaps a competition of some sort. Attending a sagra is a way to get a taste of Italian country life. You order food to be cooked by locals with a passion for the local cuisine, then sit at communal tables to eat. Generally sagre are held in summer, in small towns, usually in the main piazza. When you drive through the Amalfi Drive, you'll see colorful posters posted at intersections indicating the sagra di ____, with the dates and times large enough to be read from a passing car. They're in Italian, of course, but they're pretty easy to figure out.

Attending a festival is a great way to experience Amalfi Coast's culture. Many festivals are based on historic events and often include processions with people dressed in period costume or historic re-enactments. Each town on the Amalfi Coast celebrates its Saint Patron twice a year: one in winter - which generally is called the feast for the people living here - and one during the summer - which is the feast to share with tourists. Saint Patron celebration are usually based on a religious and a civil program: the religious program generally is based on catholic mass, bells playing all day long, and processions. The civil program includes a band, free shows in the main square, classic concerts, and ends with great fireworks, where is possible fired from the sea. Each town has also great gastronomic tradition for the special occasion of the town feast, usually cooked in this day only.

According to your age, to your personal preferences and to your attitude Amalfi Coast can offer whatever kind of entertainment you prefer! We can start from classic music concert in Ravello - both the Chamber music festival and the Ravello Festival on the panoramic stage - to the concerts along the Path of the gods, Mediaeval dinner in Scala, film festivals, international dance festivals, special events for kids and much more! All at easy: browse our calendar to see the most important events which are held year by year. Do not hesitate to contact us to ask for updates about special events!

AmalfiFebruary/MarchAmalfi Grand Carnival (parade of hand-crafted carnival floats)
MaioriFebruary/MarchGreat Carnival of Maiori (great parade of hand-crafted carnival floats)
RavelloMarch Ravello Chamber music concerts
AmalfiMarch19thSt. Giuseppe Lavoratore Festival
RavelloApril Ravello Chamber music concerts
All TownsApril (Easter Week)via Crucis and Holy week celebrations
RavelloApril (Palm Sunday)Via Crucis with actors
PraianoMay1st Sunday San Gennaro's Festivity.
RavelloMay 3rd Sunday St. Pantaleone's Festivity
PraianoMayConcerts on the Path of the Gods
RavelloMay Ravello Chamber music concerts
AmalfiJune1st SundayHistorical Regatta (every 4 years id held in Amalfi)
AmalfiJune13th St. Antonio di Padova Festivity
ConcaJune13th St. Antonio di Padova Festivity
MaioriJune13th Madonna Avvocata Festivity - pilgrimage on the mountain
TramontiJune13th St. Antonio di Padova Festivity
PositanoJune15th St. Vito's Festivity
AmalfiJune27th St. Andrea Festivity (in memory of a miracle), with fireworks
CetaraJune29th St. Pietro Festivity with fireworks
MaioriJune29th St. Pietro Festivity
PraianoJuneConcerts on the Path of the Gods
RavelloJuneRavello Festival
RavelloJune Ravello Chamber music concerts
MaioriJuly2rd 3rd weekDance Festival
FuroreJuly1st Sunday Marmeeting, World High Diving Championship.
PraianoJuly1st Sunday St. Luca's Festivitym with fireworks
PositanoJuly2ndSanta Maria delle Grazie's Festivity in Montepertuso.
MinoriJuly13th Santa Trofimena's Festivity with fireworks
RavelloJuly15th St. Maria delle Grazie Festivity.
Atrani July22ndSt. Maria Maddalena Festivity with fireworks
ConcaJuly23rdRegatta for the festivity of the sea.
RavelloJuly27th St. Pantaleone's Festivity with fireworks
MaioriJulyMaiori Jump – fun for kids
PraianoJulyConcerts on the Path of the Gods
ScalaJulyRavello Chamber music concerts
RavelloJuly Ravello Festival
PraianoJulyFestival of the Tradizional Folk Music
PraianoAugust1st to 4th St. Domenico's illumination
ConcaAugust5th Madonna della Neve (Our Lady of the Snow) Festivity.
MaioriAugust5th The picture of Madonna Assunta is lifted up
PraianoAugust10th White Night
ScalaAugust10th St. Lorenzo's Festivity with fireworks
TramontiAugust10th Goblets of Stars
MaioriAugust15th Madonna Assunta Festivity with fireworks
PositanoAugust15th Madonna Assunta's Festivity
MaioriAugust16th San Rocco Festivity with fireworks
AtraniAugust31stByzantine New Year (end of summer celebration in costume, folowing ancien Byzantine traditions
AmalfiAugustPotato festival (Tovere)
AmalfiAugustPumpkin and courgette festival (Pogerola)
AtraniAugustFestival of "pesce azzurro" (sardine and anchovy festival)
CetaraAugustTuna fish festival
ConcaAugustSanta rosa sfogliatella Festival
PraianoAugustConcerts on the Path of the Gods
PraianoAugustFestival of the Tradizional Folk Music
RavelloAugustRavello Festival
ScalaAugustScala meets New York
TramontiAugustPizza fest
TramontiAugustTintore wine fest
AmalfiSeptember1st Byzantine New Year (Historical Procession).
FuroreSeptember1st Sunday Flour and Folk Festival, celebrations in honour of Santa caterina
RavelloSeptember2nd Sunday Madonna Addolorata Festivity.
RavelloSeptember3rd Sunday Torello fireworks
FuroreSeptemberFirst 10 days Walls in serch of an artist
MinoriSeptemberFirst midGusta Minori
AmalfiSeptembermid monthSmeraldo Prize (a prize for TV direction)
PraianoSeptember19th St. Gennaro's Festivity
RavelloSeptember26th St. Cosma and Damiano Festivity.
MaioriSeptemberDistrict festival, in the ancient hamlet, tasting of typical products
PositanoSeptemberLeonide Massine Prize for the art of dance
PositanoSeptemberFish festival
PraianoSeptemberConcerts on the Path of the Gods
RavelloSeptemberRavello Chamber music concerts
RavelloSeptemberRavello Festival
ScalaSeptemberScala meets New York
PraianoOctober18th St. Luca's Festivity.
MaioriOctoberRossellini Film Festival
PraianoOctoberConcerts on the Path of the Gods
RavelloOctoberRavello Chamber music concerts
ScalaOctoberChestnut Festival
MinoriNovember5th Santa Trofimena's Festivity.
MaioriNovember3rd Sunday Madonna "e nott" Festivity (in celebration of a miracle) with fireworks
MinoriNovember27th Santa Trofimena's Festivity with fireworks
AmalfiNovember30th St. Andrea Festivity with fireworks
RavelloNovemberRavello Chamber music concerts
CetaraDecember8th Immacolata Concezione Festivity
PositanoDecemberZeppola Festival
All TownsDecember/JanuaryChristmas & New Year Celebrations

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