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Once a place where noble Romans passed the summer months, which can be seen in archeological findings from the first century, nowadays Minori is a synonym for flavor and exceptional food. Since the 16th century its natives dedicated their time to the production of pasta from wheat imported from Salerno; More recently, local agricultural producers have focused on the production of various kinds of liqueur (made of lemons, mandarins, strawberries and fennel) as well as sweets (for example delizia del limone - lemon delight) that are now known nationwide. During the fine food festival called "Gusta Minori" (Tastes of Minori), that takes place in early September, visitors can sample local specialties and attend theatrical performances based on chosen themes.

The archeological villa is a wonderful example of Romans' building talent; discovered in 1932, it still preserves vestiges of the ancient peristilium, viridarium, the suspensurae of an heated room and some mosaics.
St. Trofimena's Cathedral protects the Saint's relic; in eighteenth-century style, it is rich in monuments of great value. St. Lucia's Church, St. Gennaro's Church and St. Michele's Church deserve to be seen too. The Annunziata bell tower is located far from the centre of the town; hidden among vineyards and lemon trees, it is the last memory of the ancient Annunziata village, after the demolition of the church in 1950.
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Hotel Santa Lucia

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Hotel Santa Lucia is a small & friendly hotel managed by the Sammarco family since 1950. The hotel has been recently completely refurbished and offers a very central location and a warm, informal atmosphere. The hotel is located 50 meters from the beautiful promenade and the sea, and very close to the maritime Roman villa. The hotel features a very good restaurant, where local specialties and fresh fish are served daily. All rooms, built on the two hotel floors, are very spacious, decorated in style with hand-made Vietri ceramic tiles.

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