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Wedding services

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Friday, November 6, 2009 5:20:23 PM

Sunland, your partner in Italy (TM), is specialized in wedding organization on the Amalfi Coast.
Sunland is also mentioned between the recommended wedding organizer list of the British Consulate.

The Amalfi Coast, with its stunning panoramas, with its beautiful and intimate churches, with its wonderful colours and antique mayor house, is the ideal setting for your unforgettable wedding. Our deep knowledge of our land in which we live in, and which we love, is the winning point of our wedding branch: simply give us a little as a date and general location and forget days of planning, repeated calls and double checking lists of details. Our team of experts will arrange for you all paperwork at the Registry office and Consulate, beauty services, floral arrangements, photos, video, music, transportation, reception venue and any other services you might think of...

Beauty services:

Try the pleasure of an original Italian hairdresser! Our hairdressers can satisfy all your request: If you don't have a precise idea they will suggest you the better hairstyle to be fashion on the most important day of your life! Make up, manicure and other beauty services can be provided, also.

Floral arrangement:

Lilium, roses, callas, lavender, periwinkle, orchideas, tulips, field flowers... Simply tell us witch is your favourite flower or witch flower looks good with your wedding dress and we will provide bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, buttonholes for the groom and the guests. We also provide floral decoration for the ceremony and wedding venue, in the same style of bride bouquet.

Photos and video:

Sunland supplier are the best professionals in the area in all budget ranges from a deluxe package but having equally professional service. Photo service goes from a minimum of 30 colour pictures (20x25 cm) complete with standard album to 120 pictures 10x15 and 40 20x25 complete with de-luxe album. You can choose some black & white photos also or a video of the most important day of your life (PAL, VHS or NTSC system) complete with romantic music also.


Your Italian wedding party must have a wonderful live music! Tell us your preferences: a violin quartet, a piano & flute duo, a jazz band, a Neapolitan duo with guitar and mandolin, a Jockey. The service depends on your taste, we are here to help you in finding what you like!

Wedding Cake:

The ideal end for your wedding day is to cut your special wedding cake with your guests! We provide only cakes made by the most famous "pasticcerie" of the area, prepared with all genuine ingredients. Simply suggest your favourite flavour! In the lemon land we always suggest to have a lemon flavoured cake.

Reception venue:

Reception venues for a few or many guests are available with menu choice selected according to italian brides culinary tastes. Certain couples require only an intimate champagne luncheon for two while others request a 12 course wedding banquet for over 300. Menu printing, wine lists, seating arrangement, and finding the perfect setting - are some of the details involved in selecting a reception location.


Our transportation service includes luxury car as Mercedes, antique cars, horse carriage (if the location permits) and all the original ideas you can have. We can provide a trip on boat along the Coast to have photos or for a romantic cruise, also.

Guest Service & Accommodations:

Sunland can provide accommodation for your guests on the Amalfi Coast and all over Italy. During the stay we can organize several activities for your guests: excursions to the most celebrated beauties of the area, cooking courses of Italian cuisine, wine and limoncello tasting, boat trips along the Coast, typical Italian dinner, Tarantella Show, transfers and more.


You can think you are already in Paradise, here, and you do not need an honeymoon. But why do not have a romantic escape in the wonderful island of Capri? Contact us to agree details for your wonderful 2-days Caprese honeymoon!


Once we receive the funds you will be able to plan everything together with our team of experts via e-mail and kept current of everything as we receive updates and confirmations on services.

Types of ceremonies:

Civil wedding, catholic wedding, protestant wedding, scenic wedding. Wedding requirements can chance according to your citizen. Please contact us for further details.

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Wedding services

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