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Anacapri is smaller and more quiet town than Capri, with gracious streets, white houses immersed in green, tranquil and elegant hotels.
The most important monument is the San Michele Church, built in the 1700's and designed by Domenico Antonio Vaccaro, it has a beautiful majolica pavement. This is where the famous Villa San Michele is, built on roman ruins by Axel Munthe, the Swedish doctor and author, who lived on the island for 50 years. The author set his novel, "The Story of San Michele", her, helping to spead the fame of the isle of Capri.
The elegant and original villa is furnished with pieces from the 1700's, as well as works of art and relics from Roman times. The garden that surrounds the house is of rare beauty.
Anacapri is the departure point for the chairlift and the trail that conduct to the top of Mount Solaro (589m), the highest point of the island, from which the view is enchanting.
A vacation on Capri is not complete without a visit to the Blue Grotto, whose enchanted cavern attracts visitors from all over the world. One can arrive by boat from Marina Grande or by land from Anacapri, to then be transferred onto little boats able to penetrate the very low and narrow entrance to the grotto.
The light, filtered by the crystalline water, fills the cave with an exceptional colour: an intense blue with silver reflections.

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