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Meeting, congress, incentive and events


This is the place where to mix successfully business and pleasure in any tailor-made event. Sunland can provide the services you need to make your meeting run more smoothly. From the arrival to departure we can offer hands-on expertise that will keep your meeting on track. A partial listing of services is included in this section, however for an extensive free listing, please contact us!

Value Seasons
April, May, June, October. The weather is mild, resorts and hotels are not crowded, therefore the assistance and services offered are particular with special personalized and attentive care.

Transportation Facts
Scenic Amalfi Drive is only 58 km from Naples Airport and railway stations, 15 km from Salerno railway station. Highways A3 and A30 offer access to the Coastal Road. Our organization can provide hospitality desks at the arrival terminals to welcome the delegates and personalize the transfers.

Amalfi Coast has the higher concentration of Five Diamond Award hotels and a wide variety of four star hotels in which to house delegates. Most of the hotels have breathtaking views of the Coast, swimming pools, private beach and the food ... that's something to taste. Make the event a memorable memento for the delegates!

Dining & Entertainment
Italian Hospitality is legendary; as warm and traditional as a glass of good wine. Italy is a land of art, wine and exquisite food. We can assure that local Hotels and restaurants are not an exception to this rule.
Whether pizza or seafood dishes are your clients' passion, the only thing more exciting than sitting down to a meal at one of many fine Amalfi Coast's restaurants is the entertainment that often follows. Have you ever thought to offer your clients a classical music concert at Villa Rufolo in Ravello with a breathtaking view in the background? Or, how about a Tarantella show, with famous Neapolitan songs? If your clients, at the end of the show, leave singing all together "O' Sole Mio", your Company and ours have well done the job.

Amalfi Coast offers many opportunities for shopping. The alleys and stairways of Positano look onto a number of artisan boutiques where couloured fabrics and materials make up the light and frivolous soul of Positano fashion. Vietri sul Mare, at the entrance to the coast, is a veritable triumph of ceramic arts.
Everyone on the Coast speaks at least English and the typical Southern affability and cordiality will make your delegates stay a pleasant and rewarding one. Tourist services and structures of high international standards Rent a car.

Meeting equipment
Sunland has a complete network of local companies that can also assist you with everything from theme meeting decorations and floral arrangements and special services and equipment that will enhance the unique character of your event.

Meeting support services
Client First! Our staff and local network companies are available all day and any day to help you to pull off and highlight your event. Any change in plans during the works is not a problem but a mere challenge for us.

Excursions - Tourism
The scenery is unequalled, the weather is glorious and the world's greatest art treasures are always in season.
Dramatic beauties of nature, exceptional archaeological areas, unique museums, natural phenomena: all within a range of 50 km.

Meeting rooms
Unfortunately, we cannot provide hundred-thousand-square-feet-convention-centre. This is not the right place for such a meeting. On the other hand we can offer a XII century cloister with a capacity of 150 seated people, three medieval churches up to 200 seats, many breathtaking sea view rooms up to 100 seats. Everything, here in the coast, is glamorous, small and cosy.

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Team Building

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Team building activities are stimulating problem-solving tasks designed to help group members develop their capacity to work effectively together. Many team building and initiative tasks are like kids games, others are novel, complex tasks and designed for specific needs. More elaborate initiative tasks can involve ropes courses, night-time activities, and exercises lasting over several days.Team building activities are often used in meetings, presentations, workshops, training seminars, education programs, corporate training, and in therapeutic and correctional settings. Team building exercises can be adapted for virtually any setting, young or old, large or small, and across cultures.

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Xpertize - Aprile 2000

ACI - Automobil Club D'Italia - Giugno 2001
Assofarm - Settembre 2001
Università Federico II di Napoli New Model Theory - Maggio 2002
Convegno CIDI - Giugno 2002
Università Federico II di Napoli - STAM Symposium - 2002
Intours - 2003

Università Federisco II di Napoli - Workshop - Aprile 2004
Ardel Associazione Nazionale dei Ragionieri degli Entri Locali - Ottobre 2004

SAI supermercati - Giugno 2005
ANCI Associazione Nazionale Piccoli Comuni Italiani - Giugno 2005

Pentel - Maggio 2006
Nautic Italy - Settembre 2006
Allergan - Ottobre 2006

Coni - Aprile 2007
Italsilver - Maggio 2007
Alcatel-Lucent - Giugno 2007
Phonak - Giugno 2007
Henkel - Settembre 2007
Magaldi - Ottobre 2007
Ferrari - Ottobre 2007

PPS-24 - Giugno 2008
Binda - Settembre 2008
Confagricoltura - Ottobre 2008
Emerson - Novembre 2008

Università Federico II di Napoli - Workshop - Maggio 2009
Toshiba multi clima - Ottobre 2009

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