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Other resorts in Campania Region

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The ancient Romans called this land "Campania felix", due to its mild climate and the fertility of its soil. Many patrician families established their summer residence on the coastal area of this region and the Emperor Tiberius administered the Empire from his villa in Capri, during the last years of his life. It would be too much simplistic thinking that Campania is composed only by its famous coastal localities (the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrentine Peninsula, the Amalfi coast, the Cilento coast). In fact, the treasure of ancestral traditions, both cultural and oeno-gastronomic ones, is hidden in the inland areas of Samnium and Irpinia. Here, the genuineness both of the products and the lifestyle inspired the principles of the Mediterranean diet to the American scientist Ancel Keys.

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Medieval villages, crystalline sea, cliffs mould by the wind and sun, soft and sunny beaches interrupted by promontories and crags, coves and grottoes of savage and suggestive beauty, the unblemished nature of the National Park of the Cilento and Diano Valley: this is the Cilento area.This territory is also rich in archaeological sites, such as the Greek temples of Paestum and the Greek city of Velia, in addition to the defense towers against the saracene pirates incursions along the Cilento coast. Cilento is famous for its olive oil, one of the best of Italy, that has earned the denominational...

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Naples is located halfway between the volcano Vesuvius and the separate volcanic area, the Phlegrean Fields. It is an enchanting and moving city. It is unique and different. A lot of symbols of Italy abroad were born here, as for example the pizza, the pasta, the ragù (tomato sauce with veal or pork requiring 5-6 hours cooking time), the unique ricotta-based pastiera, the babà, the tarantella, the Neapolitan mask Pulcinella, the Neapolitan songs, the Neapolitan theatre, the typical Neapolitan comic spirit. Founded by the Greeks, and therefore with a millenary history, Naples was the capital of...

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Salerno is Capital of the Salerno district (province), and today numbers around 145,000 inhabitants. For a brief period (February to August 1944) Salerno was the capital city of Italy, during the liberation after the allied landings before the fall of Monte Cassino to the allies and the subsequent liberation of Rome. Today it is a lively port and commercial town, with a very attractive city centre, a vibrant night life and very good shopping routes. Worth a visit also is the Historical Old Town, which has in recent years recovered from being a virtual no-go area to being one of the best preserved...

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