Grand Twin Engine Augusta A109S

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giovedì 20 dicembre 2018 13:18:16

Helicopter Augusta Grand Twin engine.

Cabin Capacity: 2 pilots + 5 or 6 passengers


Max speed 168 Knots / 311 Kmh

Cruise speed 156 Knots / 289 Kmh

Max range: 859 Km / 464 nm

Please carefully look at the luggage size before the travel. All luggage MUST be in the luggage space.

Travel time Naples airport - Ischia: 20 minutes

Rate per ride Euro 4.350,00

the rate includes:

Helicopter ride from Naples to Ischia (or viceversa)

All airport fees

Private transfer from Ischia heliport to Hotel San Montano (or viceversa)

Lux Tax

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Helicopter ride from Naples to Ischia + Ischia car transfer

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