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From Agerola to Positano (Path of the Gods)

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Thursday, February 10, 2011 5:31:15 PM

Billed as "The Path of the Gods" this route lives up to its name with dramatic views of a rugged coastline, and distant sightings as far as the island of Capri. Allow 4h30 mins walking time.Take the SITA blue bus from Amalfi to Agerola (Bomerano stop, third stop in Agerola town centre). From bus stop turn left up a narrow road for 200m/yds to the main square. To start the walk, facing Bomerano church, take the narrow road going left out of the square (faded sign ŒVia Penina¹; red/white sign Route 27). The road descends, passes under a road bridge and, after 200m/yds, becomes concrete then stone steps. At the foot of the steps, turn right over a narrow footbridge and climb rough concrete steps up to a road. Turn left and follow the road for 500m/yds to its end below Grotta Biscotto, cave containing some medieval animal pens. A mule track now takes you on the level with dramatic views for 1km to Colle la Serra ¬ a junction of wide tracks by a crucifix on the garden wall of a white house. With your back to this house, pick up orange/red dot way marks following the narrow path that ascends straight ahead. Then it bends up left away from an abandoned building. The path soon levels off among terraces. The way marks are your guide for the next two hours as you make way across a wild mountainside, either on the level or with a gently descending tendency, always with the slope up to your right. The orange/red dots are quite frequent so, if you have not seen one for about 50m/yds, retrace your steps to where you last saw one. Be alert when passing through bushes. Eventually you enter Nocelle on a level path by houses. The path turns left down to a shrine and water tap in the centre of the village. Continue on the level path and out of the village on a level path overlooking a ravine. This leads to a motor road and beyond down to Monte Pertuso. In Monte Pertuso enter the piazza on the mountain side of the road. From its far left corner, take the alley going half left. After 250m/yds of gentle ascent, go left down steps, cross the road, and continue down, turning right after just 10m/yds. Broad steps now take you down to the first houses in Positano and a T-junction. Turn left for 100m/yds to a footbridge. Cross this and descend to the main road. Go left for 20m/yds for the steps down to the centre of Positano.

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