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From Maiori to Minori (via St Nicola Convent)

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Monday, February 14, 2011 6:46:27 PM

Go up along corso Reginna for about 300 metres; once in Piazza Raffaele D’Amato, on the left take the steps leading to the terrace of the Collegiata di Santa Maria a mare. Leave the church to the left and take the steps of via Vena. After about 700 metres you will get to a fork in the road; turn on the right and climb the crest of the overlooking hill. After about 1500 metres, leaving the convent above on the right, you will get to a fork in the road, near a fold. Go to the right, and after 300 metres you will get to the convent where you can have a rest on a terrace with a marvellous view. Go back to the fork in the road and walk on the left. Once on the flat part of the track, take a faint path on the left, and go down to Minori. The path soon turns into some steep steps leading to the hamlet of Petrito, and then to via Giovanni XXIII, towards the Church of Santa Trofimena. In the interior there are paintings dating back to XVI century and paintings dating back to XVIII and XIX century, among which a magnificent Crucifixion by the school of Marco Pino da Siena. From the church go to the right, cross the main road and, once in Piazza Cantilena, climb Via Santa Lucia, leading to the main entrance of the Roman Villa Dating back to the Augustan age, the villa is a two-storey building, its surface is about 2.500 square metres, although they think it was larger, with terraces sloping towards the sea. On the ground floor, surrounded by a wide arcade, stands the viridarium with the swimming-pool. On the northern side you can see the apartment divided into several rooms, a wide triciclinium, decorated with mosaics in the Pompeian Style. The Antiquarium keeps amphoras, earthenware and sculptures. Once out of the villa, get to the seafront and walk on the left, to the Basilica of Santa Trofimena. Go past the bell tower and continue to the first diversion to the right, taking to the Church of SS. Sacramento. The church keeps a very precious triptych of the Madonna with the Child dating back to XIV century, with on both sides the paintings of Saint Joseph and Saint Andrew, dating back to XVI century. Climb for other 150 metres, and take the steps to the right. Above, on the left, you will see the Bell Tower of Annunziata dating back to XII century, with very interesting marquetry of tufo and terracotta. At the first fork in the road, past a small fountain, go on to the right and cross the hamlet of Torre. Past the Church of San Michele a Torre, keeping a cycle of frescoes in Bizantine style, after 300 metres (at the fork in the road, continue to the right) you will go back to Via Vena, towards the Collegiata of Santa Maria a Mare in Maiori.

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