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From Maiori to Maiori (St Nicola de Thoro Plano Castle)

Written by sunland,
Thursday, February 10, 2011 5:33:31 PM

Just past the St Pietro hotel at the top of the Via Nuova Chiunzi you will see a flight of steps and a small alleyway on the opposite side of the road. Follow the alleyway up until you come to a small square, take the steps off to the left and then the first right, carry on up to a small road, cross over and carry on. The castle is actually closed to the public as the area has been taken over by those who own the lemon groves. However once you are there take the time sit on the rocks and breathe in the fresh air and tranquillity. The castle was built in the ninth century to defend the city from pillaging after the barbaric incursion of the Longobards of Sicardo. After a period of abandonment, the castle was rebuilt in the fifteenth century. Today, the castle walls are still almost completely intact

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