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Da Ravello a Minori (via Torello)

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This itinerary begins from Piazza Duomo, heading towards Villa Rufolo. On the left of the entrance gates you' ll find Via Annunziata, which is the first flight of the steps you want to take. On your right you will see the church of the Annunziata, one of Ravello's major churches, which today is used us a conference hall. Once past the church you come to a paved road. Crossing this you will find the second flight of steps which leads to the area of Torrello. A three minutes walk will take you to the church founded of San Pietro alla Costa. It dates back to the 10th century but has been rebuilt many times since and ultimately restored in the 1970s. On the way down towards the square in Torello there is a choice of two routes to Minori. You can take the wide steps of Via Santa Croce to the left, which pass under a pergola of vines and lemon trees and lead past the ruins of the church of Santa Croce and the cluster of buildings of Villamena with its 10th century church of San Gennaro. Alternatively, going straight, the path of leads to the square in Torello where there is the 10th century church of San Michele Arcangelo. Following on down the steps, towards Minori and keeping right at the crossroads with the chapel, you will leave behind you a characteristic view of Ravello.

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