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Da Ravello ad Amalfi (via Valle delle Ferriere)

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The first part of this itinerary is the same as the Ravello - Atrani - Amalfi one as far as the portico. At this point turn right and go up the paved road until you reach the main square of Pontone. Here, leaving the entrance of the church of San Giovanni behind you, take the steps will of Via Fritto. Proceed for about 10 minutes along this road and you will come to another flight of steps leading to Amalfi. This itinerary offers the choice of two very interesting excursions. One leads to the Torre dello Zirro, which is one of the oldest watch towers on the Amalfi Coast, strategically situated above the town of Amalfi, now a nature reserve where a rare species of fern, known as the woodwardia radicans, can be found. To reach the Torre dello Zirro, once at the small square of Pontone take the path way left of the paved road and follow the indications for the tower. You pass the small church of Santa Maria del Carmine and begin climbing a series of steps which mark the beginning of the trail leading through the characteristic Mediterranean vegetation of the woods. Alternatively in order to visit the Valle delle Ferriere you take the pathway passing out of Pontone to the right which leads to the end of the Valley (approx. 2 km). This trail leads to the rive in the proximity of an antique iron works of an antique irons works, which gave its name to the valley "Le Ferriere". From here the walk to Amalfi passes the old paper mills where the famous hand-made paper was produced. Once in the town you can visit "Paper Museum".
The Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve, instituted in 1972, in the Scala local council territory behind Ravello, constitutes the only protected area on the whole Amalfi coast. The Reserve protects a steep valley of the Lattari mountains and allows you to discover the impervious face of a region more commonly celebrated for its spectacular coastal aspects.The Lattari mountains, whose name derives from the breeding of milking cows that is traditionally undertaken here, in several points rise higher than 1000 metres. This place is blessed regarding the availability of water, which in the past favoured the growth of ironworks, factories and, especially, the famous Amalfi paper mills. The same abundance of water allows the presence of some rather unusual plant species. In particular, the Reserve boasts the ownership of the very precious Woodwardia radicans, a rare example of pre-glacial flora.

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