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Da Ravello ad Atrani (via Valle del Dragone)

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This itinerary is considered a classic, as it was the route used by the local people before the paved road was built in 1930. From Piazza Duomo take Via Roma as far as the recently restored 11th century church of Santa Maria a Gradillo (venue for the workshop of the Mediterranean Forum in 1996) turn left immediately after it and take the few steps down to the road. Cross the road and you will find a flight of steps with a signpost “To Amalfi”. Here the descent to Atrani a begins. After about 5 minutes walk you come to the paved road once again. Crossing over to the other side and proceeding along the road for about 500 meters you will another signpost for Amalfi and a flights of steps. Passing through a small portico under a building, follow the paved road down to the Ravello – Pontone crossroads. There you turn tight and after the first curve you come to a small cross-way sign “ To Amalfi”. Continuing along this path you pass the ruins of a small village with its textile and olive oil mills. This valley, called Valle dl Dragone, was in fact the industrial area of Atrani. Towards the end of the path, before entering the town of Atrani itself, you can see the town’s old cemetery, which was used until the end of 1800s, and the adjacent Chiesa del Carmine. pAssing the church, any path you take leads down to Piazza Umberto I in Atrani town. Among places of interest, in the square there is the small church of San Salvatore de’Birecto, where the proclamation of the DEGES took place during the time of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi. To avoid the heavy traffic of the road from Atrani to Amalfi there is an alternative route. Starting from the main square looking at the church, take either of the two stairways on your left and keep left.

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